Universal Bearings

Vibration absorption and reduction of peak loads – ideal for mechanical engineering, crane and material handling applications

Product features:

  • S235JRG2 base plate, spring body made of premium vibration-quality natural rubber composite
  • For the reduction of peak loads and vibration isolation, for example for crane rail mountings, truss bearings, hinged column bearings, elastic boundary posts, the closing of tracks, pits, spring-suspended tipping or similar applications
  • Custom solutions are available upon request

DUREL universal bearings are machinable and adapt to a wide variety of conditions – ideal for high loads in mechanical engineering, transport, crane and material handling applications

We guarantee the high DUREL quality standards that our customers have come to expect from us for all products in our portfolio. In addition, we exclusively continue to distribute part of the proven and familiar “NO 16xxx” and “NO 20xxx” buffer and accessory product ranges formerly sold by RIW Maschinenbau GmbH that are compliant with relevant DIN standards or RIW factory standards. Each component conforms to the corresponding RIW factory standard.

For dimensions and technical specifications, please refer to the PDF documents in the “DOWNLOADS” section.

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