Rubber Buffers

Excellent damping properties and maximum energy absorption – ideal for the offshore industry, mechanical engineering, crane and material handling applications

Product features:

  • Rubber buffers with 75° shore-A hardness (seawater- or oil-resistant buffers available upon request)
  • Excellent damping properties with maximum energy absorption
  • Uniform compression set behavior
  • High volume compressibility with low transverse strain
  • Good resistance against UV and high-energy radiation and ozone
  • Suitable for temperatures ranging from –40°F to 176°F (–40°C to +80°C)

DUREL rubber buffers – unsurpassed quality for the offshore and industrial sector, for example for mechanical engineering, crane and material handling applications

Elastomer buffers are subject to natural aging caused by ozone, UV radiation or hydrolysis. They need to be inspected regularly for signs of aging, for example during an annual crane inspection. Due to varying environmental conditions no general statements about the expected service life of this product can be made.

While rubber is less affected by hydrolysis, environmental influences, such as ozone or UV radiation, significantly contribute to the aging process. The diagrams illustrate the artificial hot-air aging of EDPM rubber.

We guarantee the high DUREL quality standards that our customers have come to expect from us for all products in our portfolio. In addition, we exclusively continue to distribute part of the proven and familiar “NO 16xxx” and “NO 20xxx” buffer and accessory product ranges formerly sold by RIW Maschinenbau GmbH that are compliant with relevant DIN standards or RIW factory standards. Each component conforms to the corresponding RIW factory standard.

For dimensions and technical specifications, please refer to the PDF documents in the “DOWNLOADS” section.

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Following the acquisition of the buffer and accessories product range of former RIW Maschinenbau GmbH in 2015, DUREL continues to deliver RIW’s proven quality while maintaining the highest safety standards.