Side Buffer

Surlon Durel’s continuous efforts to provide quality, service and reliability to its customers identified the need for a reliable and quality Buffer provider. Today, Surlon Durel proudly offers a variety of Side Buffers and also customized solutions.

Side Buffer is an absorbing device of compressible type, comprising a housing and an elastic system, buffer head and flange fitted at each end of the vehicle i.e. locomotive, passenger coaches and wagons. These devices have to be in contact with other interoperable rolling stock and absorb longitudinal strike and compression energy that occurs in the rolling stock during operation and shunting.

Surlon Durel under Make in India has qualified with reputed international OEM’S as supplier of Side Buffers for various projects in India and abroad and is recognized as a long term strategic supplier for Side Buffers.

Surlon Durel offers an elaborate range for Side Buffers with unmatched quality and reliability. In addition to Standard IR Conventional Side Buffers, Surlon Durel also offers Side Buffers as per EN15551.

Surlon Durel is first Indian company to offers lightweight Side Buffers which meet all requirements according to UIC/EN15551 standards. Surlon Durel’s Side Buffers have been tested and validated in Germany according to EN15551:17. These buffers are equipped with Durel’s elastomer spring system, which have been used globally and meet all requirements of all International & National Railways. Durel Spring System have proven their durability and performance for many decades and is recognized as Global Leader. Our buffers offer operational reliability within the temperature range from -40ºC to +50ºC and the elastomer spring system retains its properties for many years without needing any adjustment.