Buffer Springs

Unbeatable energy absorption and reliability under extreme conditions

Buffers with DUREL polymer springs provide maximum protection against rolling stock damages and ensure ideal dynamic behavior. Installed in side or central buffers, DUREL buffer springs offer enhanced protection and dynamic behavior thanks to their progressive spring characteristics. The unique damping ability of DUREL polymer springs lessen the impact energy by over 50 percent, increasing both traveling comfort and the safety of freight cars, locomotives, coaches and special rail cars – an increasingly important aspect with regard to the safe transport of hazardous goods. DUREL buffer springs are also used in crash buffers.

DUREL high-performance springs are made of thermoplastic polymers. Their consistent quality ensures the safest and most reliable buffer operation. Notably, due to their reliability especially under difficult conditions, DUREL springs have been certified in many countries and are now in use worldwide.

Product information:

  • Suitable for all types of buffer casings
  • Superior energy absorption, vibration and noise damping for increased safety and traveling comfort
  • For use at ambient temperatures between -76°F and 122°F
    (-60°C and +50°C) in appropriate material selection

DUREL buffer springs – for a wide variety of industries