Surlon Durel qualify Cat. A Side Buffer as per EN 15551..

Surlon Durel is the only company in India to offer light weight Side Buffers that meets all the requirements according to UIC/EN15551 standards. Surlon Durel’s Side Buffers have been tested and validated in Germany according to EN15551:17. These buffers are equipped with Durel’s elastomer spring system, which have been used globally and meet all requirements of all International & National Railways. Durel Spring System have proven their durability  and performance for many decades, and is recognized as Global Leader

These buffer offer operational reliability within the temperature range from -40ºC to +50ºC, the elastomer spring system retains its properties for many years without needing any adjustment. Buffers are equipped with anti-rotating mechanism and offer maintenance free exploitation for years in field.

Surlon Durel Buffers are being used in Indian Railways and enjoys patronage from reputed Global OEM’s.